ecoTOUR - Adjustable Touring Pole
ecoTOUR - Adjustable Touring Pole
ecoTOUR - Adjustable Touring Pole
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ecoTOUR - Adjustable Touring Pole

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We're stoked to offer the industry's first ♻️ recycled aluminum ♻️ ski poles. They're lightweight, super durable, and sustainably made. The FLOWtour features: 

  • ULTRA STRONG, LIGHTWEIGHT, & DURABLE: space-grade 7075 aluminum offering the same strength, weight, and corrosion-resistant properties of virgin aluminum and is 2x stronger than poles made with 6061 aluminum
  • SUSTAINABLE: manufacturing process emits 95% less carbon emissions than virgin aluminum
  • RUBBER GRIPS: ergonomic grips made from high density rubber for extra comfort and durability
    • EXTENDED GRIP: Rubber grip for side-hilling
  • SMOOTH STRAP: integrated grip/strap system ensures there is NO uncomfortable buckle on your wrist
  • POLE DIAMETER: rugged and durable 18mm upper with 16mm lower
  • WEIGHT: Super impressive strength-to-weight ratio.
    • WEIGHT/PAIR: 19.9 OZ